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SABIC is a highly successful, rapidly expanding global manufacturer of chemicals, fertilizers, metals and plastics. We supply these materials to other companies, who use them to make products the world has come to depend on, for example mobile phones, clean water pipes and computers. We are already among the top petrochemical players in the world and are implementing an ambitious growth strategy that will take us to the top of the global rankings by 2020.

Since we started operating in 1976 in Saudi Arabia, SABIC has evolved into a truly global organization with over 33,000 people working in more than 40 countries for customers in over 100 countries. Our European business employs over 6,000 people at 11 manufacturing facilities; 4 Technology and Innovation centers; and a network of commercial sales offices located in almost every European country. Together, our teams in Europe serve customers in 3 of our 6 business units: Polymers, Chemicals and Innovative Plastics.

Europe plays a key role in our long-term plans and these are exciting times for SABIC people across the region. We have some of the best learning and development programs in our sector and continually invest in equipping our people to excel.

At SABIC, we are always pushing the limits further. We are ambitious and striving to become the preferred world leader in chemicals by 2020. But we do not believe in growth at any cost. That is because we share people’s concerns about the future of our planet, its people and the environment. We also understand that people want to work for a business that respects their concerns about these issues – and acts on them.

Joining SABIC will make you part of an organization that takes its social, ethical and environmental responsibilities seriously. We aim to support your professional and personal development by giving you the chance to build a challenging and satisfying career that maximizes your existing strengths and unlocks potential you never knew you had. After all, the future is not just about us. It is about both of us.

Employer of choice

With our culture of innovation and state-of-the-art technology centers around the world, we can offer career opportunities for talented people worldwide. Every day in over 40 countries, our 33,000 employees are using the newest technology to create outstanding innovative solutions. And without compromise, the environment, health and safety are central to everything we do.


At SABIC we know that sustainability is crucial, not just for the future of our company, but also the future of the world. Global sustainability issues are at the core of SABIC’s business strategy, built on our commitment to maximize the usefulness of valuable natural resources. We have never yet encountered hydrocarbon that could not be put to good use. There are opportunities everywhere.


SABIC business units

  • Chemicals
  • Performance chemicals
  • Metals
  • Fertilizers
  • Polymers
  • Innovative plastics


Set a course for your career

SABIC offers exciting and challenging international career opportunities, trainee and placement programs in many different disciplines.

You can choose your career in:

•            Communications

•            Engineering

•            Environment, Health, Safety, Security

•            Finance

•            Human Resources

•            Information Technology

•            Logistics

•            Manufacturing Operations

•            Marketing & Sales

•            Procurement

•            Research & Product Development

•            Supply Chain Management


Personal development

"At SABIC, our people are our greatest assets." - Mr. Mohamed Al-Mady, Vice-Chairman & CEO, SABIC.

As a large organization, we thrive on the diversity of our people and value it as one of our greatest strengths so we employ people from a wide range of regions, countries and cultural backgrounds. In 2011, SABIC was named Top Employer of the Year in Europe. We invest intensively at every step of your professional and personal development – from entry-level programs to management training and executive leadership courses. Among these programs are:



SABIC is committed to supporting the development of key leaders with world-class management skills at every professional level through on-the-job coaching, mentoring programs and training facilities.


Core business skills:

We train our professional employees to master the fundamental skills we expect of every employee and which we believe are essential to business success.


Functional expertise:

We offer programs that focus specifically on enhancing your skills in your chosen area of expertise and help you to advance in your career.


Build your future with SABIC

Interested in working at SABIC? Then get in touch with us today!

You can contact us by SABIC recruitment


For further information, career opportunities or to make an application just visit the CAREERS section of our website.


Phone: 0031 (0)46 722 2648



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