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SBM Schiedam, subsidiary of the international company SBM Offshore NV, is one of the group's execution centres dedicated to Floating Production Storage and Offloading vessels (FPSOs) and provides associated equipment and new technologies. We see to the entire design and complete engineering process of these vessels and we do this for new constructions as well as conversions.

Our ambition is to deliver products to our clients' fullest satisfaction, within budget, on time, fit for purpose and in line with the specifications. We do this with the know-how of more than five hundred dedicated employees in and outside the Schiedam-based office. Experienced project managers are responsible for proper project control and coordination, and we carry responsibility for the entire project implementation.

Also we ensure technological improvements and develop new technologies that will serve the products we design by conducting serious studies and development of technical innovations. In addition to our expertise in FPSO project implementation, we strive to become the leading expertise centre for new Floating Liquid Natural Gas developments.

GustoMSC, with more than 120 motivated employees, is one of the leading design and engineering companies involved in all types of mobile units/vessels for the offshore industry, including the delivery of associated equipment. 

Our projects are aimed at the offshore exploration, construction and production markets.
The innovative solutions are centred on jack-up units, semi-submersibles or mono-hull vessels.
We believe in building strong relationships with our clients to develop the project to their requirements.

The clients' acceptance of our market approach is evidenced by our leading position in the market and the number of units built to our proprietary designs and using our associated equipment.  

For both companies are the following qualifications applicable:

Working environment
We offer dynamic and challenging jobs, many with (international) education opportunities.  Our corporate culture can be characterized as a no-nonsense atmosphere, being open and direct, having short communication lines and working on challenging and innovative projects.

We offer students the possibility to work as a trainee for a certain period, or to finish their studies with a thesis (BSc and MSc levels), while working in our offices with our tools, and being mentored by our specialists in various disciplines.

If you are interested, please check the website: (for SBM Schiedam) or (for GustoMSC) and send an (open) application through our website.


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