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About Ahold

Ahold represents more than 200,000 colleagues and 2,900 stores. In 2011 we had a net turnover of € 30.3 billion worldwide. We are the largest retailer in The Netherlands and are one of the largest on the east coast of the United States. Our goal is to be the world's best food provider while maintaining a solid focus on our customers. We are represented in several countries throughout Europe under the name Ahold Europe. In The Netherlands we hold the retail organizations Albert Heijn, Etos and Gall & Gall and we provide the Albert online delivery service. In The Czech Republic and Slovakia we hold the Albert supermarket chain and the Hypernova superstore format. Our retail organization ICA is one of the most important in Northern Europe with stores in Sweden, Norway and the Baltic States. The largest supermarket chain in Portugal is our Pingo Doce and in 2011 we opened the first Albert Heijn store in Belgium.


International Traineeship

Would you like to have an impact on the daily lives of our customers and employees and become one of Ahold Europe's future leaders? You are bursting with talent and ambition? Innovation is second nature to you and you will do whatever you can to achieve your personal ambitions? You can prove yourself at our company. We will assist in making sure you gather the knowledge and skills required to achieve your objectives.


In our International Traineeship you will develop important skills, gain valuable experience and receive beneficial coaching that will contribute towards your accelerated professional development and your future leadership roles. It offers the opportunity to fully come to know our organization due to the different roles and disciplines you will experience during your traineeship.


You can choose from four different disciplines during your two year traineeship at Ahold Europe: Commerce, Finance, HR or Operations. Are you interested in another discipline? You are also welcome to apply. Please elaborate on that in your motivation letter. You can find more information about other disciplines within this organization on our website.


As a trainee you will be given responsibility for your own project as from the very first day. This will be in line with your skills and ambition and throughout the project you will receive intensive supervision. In the second year you will be given the opportunity to learn about our store operations as you will become one of our Assistant Store Managers. The idea is that you start working in the discipline of your choice after your two year traineeship. This will ensure that you can continue developing in this discipline in practical terms and with your training.


We believe in working with people from different backgrounds and nationalities and as a retailer with international ambitions, we also give you the opportunity to work on international assignments.

The International Traineeship is open to talented and driven people from all University disciplines. The most important aspects are your personality, your passion for retail and your motivation for the discipline in which you are interested.


What we offer

Our business revolves around people: the millions of customers who put their confidence in us for their daily shopping, our stockholders and our employees. People are the key to our success. Therefore they take a central position within our vision.


At Ahold Europe we look after our employees. In addition to a good salary, we offer excellent employment conditions such as profit-sharing, many vacation days, a good work-life balance, a good pension plan, salary and life-course savings plans, an attractive bonus plan and a discount on your shopping! We even have a Fit & Fun program that helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We also implement new working formats whenever possible and, therefore, you can perform your tasks location-independently. We actively stimulate your development with innumerable opportunities to expand your professional knowledge by offering programs at every level, for every discipline. We also offer many opportunities for personal development, such as coaching, courses, tests and seminars.


For more information

Please find more information about Ahold Europe, the job opportunities and the recruitment activities on our website: career.ahold.eu


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