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Can you bring a fresh perspective to the energy challenge?
Shell are looking for people who look at things differently, problem solvers who can bring a fresh perspective to the future of energy. Whether they´ve already graduated or are in their final year of Masters (or equivalent) and looking for an extraordinary career, we´ve a large number of graduate opportunities in a wide range of commercial and technical roles.

Your qualities, our criteria
While a strong academic background is important to us, it´s not our main consideration. To enable our people to thrive in a dynamic and innovative organisation such as Shell, our selection processes are designed to assess the qualities of Capacity, Achievement and Relationship (CAR). You´ll have the ability to absorb information, analyse problems, make objective decisions and come up with innovative ideas. You´ll also be enthusiastic and confident, and capable of working in a diverse team. With this in mind, successful applicants display these qualities throughout the process.

What do we offer
Everyone who works for us thrives on stimulation and challenge. We offer superb training, support and career choices, and develop potential by teaming all our graduates with some of the most accomplished problem solvers in the business.

Your way in
There are three ways to get a job with us: The Gourami Business Challenge, Shell Assessment Day, or an Internship, and all our graduates chose which route works best for them. Whichever path they take, a comprehensive onboarding programme helps them settle into their new role, and our early career development programme ensures they get off to a flying start.



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